The need for the Siloam House in Poland

The Chemin Neuf Community in Poland has already for several years been leading pastoral work within the Siloam Mission. Each year we organise Anamneses retreats, the Siloam cycle, st. Ignatian retreats. These sessions are mainly held in the Wesoła Retreat House, which is part of the parish run by the Community.

Due to various evangelisation activities organised by the Community such as youth missions, pastoral service for couples and families, parish missions, the space is very limited and we are therefore not able to welcome everyone who wish to take part in inner healing retreats.

Looking back at years of experience, we are convinced that there is a huge need for this kind of ministry. We receive requests from young people searching for answers concerning their vocation, consecrated persons (priests, monks, nuns), married couples in crisis and others.





Siloam Mission

One of the charisms of the Community is the work for unity of the human being. The Siloam mission is a pastoral mission of the Community, which concerns different types of inner healing retreats. Their aim is to review our life’s story in the light of the Holy Spirit in order to be reconciled with ourselves.

We propose 7-day st. Ignatius retreats, 4-day Anamnese retreats or the Siloam cycle during one year.

Each session includes:

  • personalised spiritual guidance
  • time for silent prayer with the Word of God
  • teaching
  • creative workshops or physical activities

These retreats are held in many places in France (Montagnieu, Lyon, Paris, Marseille… ) and several countries across the world (Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Burundi, Martinique, Brazil…).

Architectural Concept

The Siloam retreat house consists of several functional areas.

The bedroom part for the retreat participants can accommodate up to 56 people. Mainly small single rooms have been designed. All rooms will have separate bathrooms. Moreover, there has been reserved space in the project for a teaching room with a lobby, a chapel and an oratory in the building. The refectory with a kitchen will play an important role, where the washing-up room is adapted for the guests as a place of integration.

The architectural structure is modest and uses simple means of expression. The main focus is put on the right exposition with regard to cardinal points and view from the designed spaces.

Estimated costs (in USD)

Project of the Siloam House in Poland in Mistów

From the very beginning of the Community’s presence in Mistów there was a plan to use this place in order to establish the Siloam Mission in Poland and develop the existing infrastructure to create a Siloam Retreat House.

After a few years of fruitful work in the parish, with the support of Bishop Romuald Kamiński, we wish to start the construction works of the House. Currently we are focusing on the formal and legal preparations and planning. As per today we already have an initial architectural project of the buildings and an estimation of the cost.

Retreat house

Our initial estimation is showing that the total construction area will cover around 15 000 ft2 for the living space with additional conference and workshop facilities.

The pricing includes all works starting from building design through the actual construction and finishing works, ending with site preparation.

The estimated construction cost for the retreat house is therefore:


2 679 000 USD

In Polish local currency: 10 100 000 PLN (exchange rate as 26/04/2021, all taxes included: 8% or 23% if applicable).

Funding the investment

The Chemin Neuf Community is not able to fund such a big investment on its own. We have therefore entrusted the whole project to the Providence of God, confident that we are called to take part in the Church ́s mission for evangelisation also within this specific dimension which is the work for unity of the person and its holistic healing.

We wish to receive the funding from sponsors, private donors and institutions both in Poland and abroad.

The parish church will be funded partially by the parish and private donors.


  • Siloam is for me a way of accepting my family, body, life story in the light of God’s vision. It is also a step forward towards life and the unknown but from the perspective of the Love of God the Father, who keeps giving me my life every day. This perspective changes everything, gives me a lot of joy and a will to live my life fully every day.


    participant of Siloam Retreat

  • I am very grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the Siloam retreat. Time spent
    in silence and on prayer helped me to accept the grace of reconciliation with the story of my family and the fact how some di cult events in uenced the person
    I am today. I thought it was an unmanageable task but it became possible. I am still getting strength from what I experienced during Siloam.


    participant of Siloam Retreat

  • Fruits of Siloam? The Lord changed my way of looking, both at the present time and the past. He helped me to see that I was never alone during the most difficult events in my life. He was always with me. I started to see with His eyes and together with Him discover the good things and beauty hidden in every wound. I am experiencing the tender love of the Father as his beloved daughter with whom he is well pleased!


    uczestniczka Cyklu Siloe

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We would sincerely like to thank everyone who wish to support the project of the Siloam House in Poland in any way. We promise to keep you in our prayers.

Brothers and Sisters from the Chemin Neuf Community